The Partnering Capability Assessment Platform

If partnering is critical to your company success, do you have the capability to execute?

Whether you want to drive change, bridge silos within your organization, or assess your current partnering capabilities— PCAP is the platform.

PCAP is the only diagnostic endorsed by ASAP using ISO Business Collaboration standards to assess your organization’s partnering capabilities and provide guidance on how to improve them.

Measuring the science and art of partnerships, PCAP scores your organization on key attributes and performs a gap analysis based on global standards from ISO. Using ASAP Best Practices, the analysis drives organizational change, developing workplans to build on strengths and improve weaknesses.

PCAP contains 20 key attributes that have been determined by ASAP to encapsulate what matters in the domain of Partnering. They represent what ASAP members agree to be the key areas where value is secured, or waste is incurred, with partners.

PCAP has 3 core objectives:

Raise Awareness

Raise awareness of the 'Things that Matter' when generating value with partners, by:

  • introducing a carefully selected set of criteria to respondents
  • having respondents really reflect on those things that matter as part of the measurement process

Highlight Perspective Differences

Compare perspectives between colleagues by:

  • highlighting meaningful differences
  • exploring the distribution and divergence of perceived highs and lows across the 20 parameters
  • identifying where best practice can best be shared

A catalyst for change

Act as a catalyst for conversation, action, change or transformation by:

  • establishing a common language with shared definitions.  Forming a shared agenda
  • building consensus (on both present and desired states).  Providing a baseline for improvement
  • collecting evidence of best practice, issues


PCAP helped us prioritize where to take action by identifying elements of partnering best practices that need the most attention.
Leona Kral

Alliance Manager - Mobile Computing Partnerships, Verizon

PCAP served as a valuable catalyst for alliance management groups across AstraZeneca and Medimmune to convene and discuss how we partner more broadly across the enterprise.

Steve Twait

VP Alliance & Integration Management, AstraZeneca

To understand reality, we needed to understand the perceptions first. PCAP allowed to us capture perceptions efficiently so we could begin to investigate reality.

Bernie Hannon

Senior Director - Strategic Alliances, Citrix

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